Winning In The Ottawa Real Estate Market

"😃Everybody is happy when they're winning🥂, and real estate🔑 is no different than that 
You're gonna find that a lot of realtors are not in that genre right now📉 
That the market is down🔻 substantially from last year when we had a peak; at the Hamre Team, we're doing high fives🙌, we're doing cheers 🎉every day.
We sell a house🏡 every day and a half in a normal market📊. Right now, we're doing substantially higher than that🔺
🤔"How do we do that? We have realtors calling us, asking us that. How do we price a home? How do you get so many eyeballs on your home? How do you sell that price point?"
Then we have our, my past clients calling going ✨"Greg, I can see how you and your team are really exceeding the trend in the market right now."
"You're selling homes every day. You're inspiring dreams" and that's really what we do - This is not a hobby for us ❎
We are professional realtors🤝
We know how to engage in marketing, marketing that attracts more eyeballs👁, marketing that engages customers, emotions and marketing that's specific to the product that we have listed.
We understand and we know Ottawa📍
👉That's actually our website, but that's our motto. We know the product we sell. We can attract more buyers. More interest equals more buyers equals a better selling price of your home. This is not a hobby for us, it's our profession. We're really excited to understand the experience economy that we're in.
We know how to deliver. We know how to inspire dreams💭 - That's what we do ✔️
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team. 
🗣You deserve to have the best. Let's have a wonderful home. Selling or investing experience 📲Call us today"

Ignite The Process Of Winning

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