Winning Below Asking In Ottawa Real Estate Market

In this market, my clients were able to win in a multiple offer situation and they were able to secure the property for below the asking price.

I'm Melanie Giray, with the Hamre Real Estate Team and RE/MAX Affiliates.

My clients are thrilled. We initially saw a few properties and, you know, when they first walked into this property, that ended up being the one for them.

They kind of just had that gut feeling, that it was the one they instantly felt comfortable with. We did see a few other properties just to really do our due diligence and to compare to what else was available on the market.

Ultimately this first property was the one for them. With our tools and our strategies, the Hamre Team, we have a winning formula.

We were able to win against two other offers, and not only did our offer come out on top, we were able to secure the property for my clients.

For below asking price! They're super excited.

They can't wait to get the keys to move in. There was lots of great communication with the other agent, and lots of empathy for both sides of the transaction, both the buyer and the seller.

I'm super stoked for them and couldn't be happier. I'm Melanie Giray with the Hamre Team and I hope everyone has an amazing day.

Take care.

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