Why The Kitchen Sells Your Home

🥘 Often I'm asked, "What is the decision room in the house?" 👀

What I always tell people, is that 80% of it is walking through the front door and then the next big check mark is the 🍎 kitchen, ☕ does the kitchen work for you?

🥑The kitchen is one of the spots that I love the most and I love walking through the front door and smelling the fragrance of the aroma or the decadence e of the meal cooking.

I think it's a wonderful feeling.⭐

🍊We're doing a simple thing tonight.

We live within 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️walking distance of many restaurants, great ☕ cafes and the Canal.

🍇But I just want to make some quick, you know, REALTOR lifestyle is very busy.

So it's a lot of its last moment and I didn't want to do take out.🍱

➡️ So I went down to the Art-Is-In Bakery just off of Preston Street in Little Italy And while I was in Little Italy I went to Pietro's to get some fresh 🍝 tortellini.

🚗And then I went to Luciano's, I had to pick up the sausage, the best sausage in Ottawa and while I was there to pick up with chicken breast stuffed with veal and 🧀 provolone.

🥂I've got a nice sparkling water going tonight I'm enjoying a little bit of Dean Martin playing in the background.

🍽My wife just put together a 🧀 wonderful charcuterie board, very simple but spectacular with some olives from Luciano's, some muscles and 🥖 a little bit of bread thing that she's whipped up.

🥗I think it came from, well, being at the Art-Is-In, living at home, enjoying your home, enjoying your kitchen, enjoying the scenery of your home is special.

If you're not reach out to me and I'll make that happen.🍳

🍎Let's find you, the kitchen that works for you.

🎰Let's find the footprint, the piece of the missing puzzle.

My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates and the Hamre Real Estate Team.🙋‍♂️

We hope to see you soon.😀

Take care.

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