Why Marketing Your Home Matters in Ottawa Real Estate - Chelsea Hamre

Why is it important to get mass exposure on your listing...

...To get you top dollar and to get your home sold!

I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.

We just broke a record on Wild Calla Way in Trailsedge which is an Orleans in the east end of Ottawa.

My clients are thrilled!

We got thousands of views on our storytelling video. We had a great amount of showings.

We had a great amount of offers, all quality offers, which resulted into a new family buying this home.

My clients are very excited for their new chapter and so are the buyers of this property.

Mass exposure is so important because so many people are at home right now, scrolling online!

You might be watching this video, you know it too - it's so important.
It's not just putting up a for sale sign on the house.

✅It's the marketing to get you top dollar to exceed your expectations and to get you what you deserve. Our pricing strategy worked. Our marketing strategy worked, and everyone is very excited.

If we can help you win in the Ottawa Real Estate market, we want to talk to you.

Take care. We'll talk to you soon. Happy family day!

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