When Will Interest Rates Drop in Canada?

If we could just flip the switch, make interest rates more affordable. 🔄

Now we're in the first quarter of the year of 2024 and the last mile is always the toughest. 📅

My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team. 💼

We're seeing a lot of activity but it's micro to certain neighbourhoods, certain neighbourhoods and certain price points. 🔍

It depends on the product. 🏠

What we do know is interest rates are coming down to the second half this year. 💰

But there's still that uncertainty today in buyer confidence and confusion, we will see the quickest drop in interest rates in history later this year. 😬

So much so that it will create a bit of an hysteria. 😱

Buyers will come off the shelf, come off the sidelines, re-enter the market. 🛒

There will be more buyers out there, looking, more homes sold and hopefully more inventory to go with that supply and demand. 🔎

Always the balance. ⚖️

I think it will be more balanced because a lot of people are waiting to sell for lower interest rates affordable and more people are looking to buy when it becomes more affordable. 🤝

So I'm looking for a more balance, but there's no doubt about it. 💡

Pricing is going to rise. 💰

This will be the lowest pricing that you will see on homes in a decade. 🏡

Right now. 🌟

The first half of 2024 if you're thinking of buying right now, we can navigate that with you. 🗺️

So you can buy now, close later and, or buy now and lock in at a lower interest rate six months for a year down the road. 🔒

We just want to get you in the market. 🚪

We just want to get you into homeownership. 🏡

Homeownership is not something we can take for granted. 🏠

It won't be for everyone going forward if you think prices are expensive now and affordability is expensive. 💰

Now on homes. 🏠

I haven't seen anything yet. 👀

We just don't have enough homes to show the nice ones are attractive to a lot of eyeballs, especially with the emotion we can engage in our marketing program and our outreach. 💼

Love to talk to you about it. 💬

Love to share our vision where we're going in real estate. 🌟

If that's a meaning to you, let's meet for a coffee or DM me. ☕

Drop me a message below and let's start putting a plan together for you. 📝

My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team. 💼

Hope to see you soon. 👀

Take care. 🌟

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