WHAT'S HOT with Steve and Chelsea!

Hey, Chelsea.

I heard you have a beautiful listing in Rockland.

Yes, it is so charming.

It's a single-family home on two-thirds of the acre with three bedrooms and it has this modern farmhouse charm to it.

It's so cute.

Well, how much is it?



You can buy a house for under $400,000 in the town of Rockland.

Yeah, it ends up being less than $1,800 a month on a mortgage payment.

Wow, that's unbelievable.

That's cheaper than renting.

I know.

And it's on two-thirds of an acre.

There are no front neighbours.

Really gives you that peace and tranquility.

The minimum rental in Orleans is probably like $2,300 for the extra drive to pay and own your own home.

That's a great deal.

Yeah, absolutely.

Some buyer would be so lucky to call this home.

You're really 25 minutes away from Orleans, 15 minutes away from Rockland where you're really close to all your amenities, the amenities there, the Canadian Tire, the Walmart.

I think there's even a hardware store there.

They even have a Starbucks.

Wow, that's amazing.

I love the drive down the Ottawa River, the sunsets and watching the boats go by absolutely gorgeous.

Plus, all the fields around the home too.

Really gives that peace, tranquility, and charm without all the noise.

How do people get to see it?

Well, you can visit our website.

WeKnowOttawa.com or contact one of us directly.

I think there's a schedule button right on the website.

Is there not?

Yeah, it makes it really easy.

You'll get into contact with one of the Hamre Team agents, and one of us will be happy to show you.

That's awesome.

I can't wait to show it myself.

It's quite nice.

You'll be impressed.

Thanks very much, Chelsea.

I'll see you soon.

See ya.

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