What Makes A House A Home?

What makes a house a home?
Usually it's the feelings. It's the people around. Maybe it's a dog or the announcement of a new baby. So many feels and gratitude this holiday season, I'm Chelsea Hamre with the Hamre Team at RE/MAX here in Ottawa. And over the last few weeks, I've been seeing some of my clients who've had some exciting news to share with me. Quite a few of them are expecting and I just thought it was so magical. It's really something that I was happy that they shared with me and that feeling of home.
One of them said that being here and having that new energy of feeling at home and turning the house into the home really helped them with the energy all around. It's just so exciting and special to be a part of. And that's the measurement for me. It's not a hobby for me. This isn't a part-time job. This isn't a side hustle; this is my career. And my "why" is that emotional feeling of you calling a house a home and getting to see that excitement and sharing those milestones with you.
If I can turn a house into a home this year, if you're thinking over the holidays that it's time for you to make a move, please reach out to me. I'm never too busy to help you. Have a great holiday season and enjoy the feeling of home. Take care.

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