What Are Your Fears?

What are some of your fears? ?
?Whether that's in the real estate market - you're a buyer or a seller. I want to have a better understanding of what those fears might be and how I can help you.
?‍♀️I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa. And I want to help you overcome your fears.
If you're a first-time home buyer, not sure when you should start looking, what questions you should ask or really not sure where to start at all.?‍♂️
?I want to talk to you. I want to do a zoom call and chat about those questions you might have and have a better understanding to get rid of that fear.
Maybe you have a home right now, and you're thinking of selling, but you're not sure what you'll buy, what your home might sell for. ?
?Let's meet virtually and let's go through what homes have been selling for in your neighbourhood or on your street. What you might be looking to buy?
Let's create that roadmap, whether you're a buyer or a seller, or want to be a homeowner shortly, let me know.?
?I want to talk and create a roadmap for you.
❤️Ottawa has so much to offer and so many people are choosing Ottawa as a location and a destination city to live in, to either raise their families, to plant their roots.
It just has so much to offer - in the different neighbourhoods too, and it's still very affordable.?
☎️I want to talk about those discussions or those options with you. If that's something that you'd like to do, please give me a call at (613) 868-3551, or visit our website We know ottawa.com.
The spring market is bringing lots of inventory, which is good. It's bringing options and it's just very exciting here. ?
?If you're looking for a great podcast to listen to, I was just featured as a guest speaker as a top producing agent in Ottawa on the Now We're Talking Real Estate podcast of RE/MAX Integra.
You can find it on Apple or Spotify. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Take care.?
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