What About A Summer Closing?

🙂Don't let the factor of time ⏰ hold you back from reaching your home goals💭
👩‍💼I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates here in Ottawa📍
😀We were able to do this last night where both my seller and my buyer were looking for a late summer closing and for my sellers, we found the buyer.✅🙌
And for the buyer we found that right property🏡. That's what we do. We merge these together. If we can do that for you, please let me know.📲🔋
 Especially this time of year📆, if you're looking for a summer closing or a quick closing or a fall closing, we can make that happen. 
🔑Whether it's within a short timeframe, might take a couple weeks, but we will find you the right one and whether that's the right buyer or - the right listing for you!
With that closing date and how that's going to work with your lifestyle, your finances, and just your timelines. 👍
👉If we can help you in any way, just like we did last night, please visit our website, WeKnowOttawa.com or send me a message here directly. We are winning for our buyers and our sellers, and I would love the opportunity to win for you.⚡🍀
Take care, and we'll see you soon🤝

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