WETT Inspection Ottawa

😀 So I'm here in a little town just between 🌅 Smiths Falls and 🛣 Carleton Place.

🔍 We're doing a WETT inspection today.

🔥 WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer.

📍What we're doing today is inspecting the wood stove, inspecting the chimney, and making sure they're in good working order.

👀Inspection of the damper, a close inspection of the firebox, a superficial and structural look at the hearth or the floor around the appliances, and a general inspection of this area.

🔍 That's what we're here doing today with Armada Inspections.

🏅 They're certified to do WETT inspections.

Actually, not just a Stage One, but Stage Two and Stage Three inspector. ☎️ Check with your local inspector.

2️⃣ Not everybody is certified at the Stage Two level. You can also check for WETT inspectors in your area across the material at WETTInc.com

🔍 So, go to WETTInc.com and type in your city or town.

📷 And this is the gentleman here, and he's actually using a telescopic pole with what looks like a GoPro at the end, and he's doing it on his iPhone on the bottom, which is pretty neat.

💼 A lot of the times, this is for insurance purposes, but also to make sure that it's safe within the home.

💡 That's just an added tip for today.

🔨 It's Steve Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team giving you information on WETT inspections.

☀️ Have a great day.

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