We're Seeing Buyers Come Off The Sidelines - Hamre Real Estate Team RE/MAX Affiliates

🚶‍♂️We're seeing buyers come off the 🥇sidelines.

⏸They've been paused, waiting to see what would happen.

🚫There's less risk in getting involved in the market now than there would be sitting and waiting for the market to change in Ottawa, 🏡 we're seeing listings, new listings coming on daily and fairly consistent.

➡️Might be a little bit lower than there has been in the last five years average were a little bit lower and we need more inventory.

🔎There is selection, there's 3.8 months worth of inventory on the 💎 Ottawa market right now, but there isn't a lot of nice, 🌺 beautiful stuff.

👍The good stuff is being picked up quickly.

📈We're seeing an uptick in buyer traffic on the Internet.

We're seeing ✅ Double-digit traffic through the 🚪 doors of our listings within the 1st 48 hours.

🔑We're seeing lineups at open houses and in the 🗝past weekend, that was ❄️ so cold out.

⭐If you're a buyer and you're out in that cold weather, 🧐you've got to be serious.

📶Sold very consistent to 2019, 🗓was the last normal year that we've had over the last five years.

👀We had the pandemic was a different than we had 🎯low interest rates which were unsustainable.

👉They threw everything off.

😎The only real other year we've had was 2019 and 2023 is 🤩 looking very close to that, which is a normal market, and I'm really glad it's back to normal.

💸Buyers you should be happy about it, 🏡 sellers should be happy about it too.

😀This is very sustainable that things are getting things are very ➕ healthy in the Ottawa market, ✔️ we're seeing an uptick in buyers and sellers and investors.

🎈My name is Greg Hamre, from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team.

🤔If you think this is your time, use a professional, use somebody who knows the market, 😀we can take advantage of these situations for you.

Hope to see you soon take care.❤️

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