Volume Is The Real Story

The real story is the amount of people moving in Ottawa...

... It's the volume.

And you think is, is it just people relocating because this is a spring market?


✅Yes. It's people relocating to Ottawa and we have young people moving to Ottawa and we have retirees moving to Ottawa, but it's the volume of people moving within the city.

The volume is up over 35%, just in volume. There's so many more people moving into Ottawa, but also moving around the city, taking the time right now, I've just sold this property, another condominium at 130 Queen Elizabeth. This is my second client. That's moving into this building.

It's right along the Rideau canal, the skateway and canal. It's a phenomenal building only it's only five stories high and it's first-class. Absolutely first class, they've got two balconies one on either side, one looks over the canal and then one looks over the Golden Triangle.

So we're within walking distance to restaurants and everything. I'm seeing a lot of that just in the last 72 hours.⏰ Bob and Henry are moving over here from outside of the suburbs, moving to a condo in downtown Ottawa. Jean is selling his townhouse in Orleans and moving right down to, Lansdowne Park. And that's pretty exciting.

My clients, Sandy and Tom are moving from New Brunswick, relocating back to Ottawa for retirement along the canal here at 130 Queen Elizabeth Drive. Very exciting. Very exciting times. The amount of volume is a real story. Pricing is a story on its own. I get that, but it's the amount of volume. My name is Greg Hamre from Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa. If you're thinking of moving into Ottawa or moving around Ottawa.

We're here to help you. It's a beautiful Sunday night. I can't believe the sun shining on me like this, but I appreciate watching my video. If you have any questions, please give us a shout.☎️

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