Visiting Ottawa by Boat Summer 2023

One of my favorite features of Ottawa is our walking score. 🚶

The downtown neighbourhoods have walking accessibility to everything, amenities, entertainment, and recreation. 🏢🏬🎭🏞️

But what about our boating score? ⛵

We have an international waterway that passes through our core downtown neighborhoods.

This week, there are boats from New York City, California, Virginia, Maine, and Montreal passing through on a daily basis. 🌊🚤

There's some beautiful boats on the lower part of the locks in Ottawa, and on the upper part, we have a Hinkley knockoff behind me. ⚓🛥️

Here. 📍

It's an East coaster. 🌅

Absolutely gorgeous. 😍

They're all traveling together, as well as a kayaker. The kayaker came from the Hudson River in New York, up the Hudson River to the Erie Barges Canal, and crossed Lake Ontario to the Rideau all the way through here to Ottawa. 🚣

He's going down the locks this morning at 10 and then on to Montreal. He's 15 days into his trip. ⏰🌊

And I asked him, what's your favorite port so far along the Rideau River? 📍

And he said it was Merrickville. 🏞️

Interesting. 🤔

I thought it might have been the Upper Rideau location. 🌄

He's paddling on his own. 🚣

Sleeping along the canal, what a voyage. 😴⛵

It doesn't matter how you get here, whether it's planes, trains, or automobiles, come and visit Ottawa. ✈️🚆🚗

You'll want to live here. 🏡

My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team.

We hope to see you soon. 👋

Take care. 💙

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