Ultimate Customer Experience OTTAWA

?I just experienced the ULTIMATE customer experience......
And you will never guess what it came from! ⬇️
☀️It's early morning.....
?I've got a meeting I'm just about to go.
My wife is away.
?I ordered food from a takeout company using a third party app.
?‍♂️And when the guy arrived at the door, he said "Greg, here's your breakfast"
It was amazing. ⭐
? I don't do it often, it's hard on the waistline and I'd rather eat at home, but it was one of those mornings where I was behind. I just couldn't get it done.
?And the guy greeted me by name.
It's the little part of customer service that we so cherish that we sold.
?And especially after COVID reaching out, getting out, but it was a wonderful experience.
We want our clients to have that wonderful experience.❤️
And we always talk about it, we want it to be a magical experience, just like a ? Disney experience when buying or selling a home.
?The simple point that this delivery gentlemen called me by name made my day.
?It was an unbelievable experience. I wasn't expecting it, but these people are trained to be the best to give the best delivery experience possible and something we strive about in real estate to give the best real estate experience.
✨Inspiring dreams is what we do. It's our mission. ? It's our passion.
?We try to pay attention to all the little details to make sure that our customers have an award-winning wonderful experience.
?It's the measurement for us.
?‍♂️My name is Greg Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
Being a realtor is my life's profession, but it's also my ❤️ passion and it's my team's passion to make sure that our customers have the ultimate customer expense.
I appreciate you watching my video. ?
☀️I hope you have a wonderful day too. And hope to see you soon. Take care.❤️

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