Traffic Jam Ottawa - Greg Hamre

You have never seen this kind of traffic on the Rideau Canal system before....
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates and the Hamre Real Estate Team.  
I live in Downtown Ottawa. This is MY OTTAWA. 
This is my backyard. 
We were at the base of the Ottawa locks where the Ottawa River meets the Rideau Canal.
The Historic Rideau Canal that was built in the early 1800s
This is the Ottawa lock station. 
These are transient boaters waiting to get up the system. 
The Rideau Canal up to Westport and then down from Westport to Kingston back to the St. Lawrence.
I spotted this last night on my bike tour, my evening bike tour with my wife. And I said, "I have got to go back and shoot this."
I've never seen this kind of boat traffic before these boaters have been camped out here all night. 
They're waiting to go up the system. ☀️
They're waiting for the locks to open up this morning behind me in the distance. 
☀️The Quebec side of the river. Most of these boats are transient boats from Quebec doing the triangle, which includes the Ottawa.
The Rideau Canal and then back up the St. Lawrence to back into the Montreal area.
What a picturesque place to be this morning.
They woke up the locks behind me are the first lock station of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.
There are eight locks. 
These locks will lift them up into the downtown core area of Ottawa along the Rideau Canal, which is also the  historic skateway in the winter.
There are eight locks on top of this.
 There are many boats on the upper side.
Coming down the system going the opposite way behind me here is the Chateau Laurier, which has a beautiful terrace restaurant.
 If you're ever in Ottawa and you're Downtown, come and have dinner there, watch the boat, traffic.
This is Downtown Ottawa and it's historic. 
No wonder so many people come for the weekend and never leave. 
They ended up calling Ottawa home. 
I get that. I'm a realtor in Ottawa. 
I understand why.
If you're thinking of making a move to Ottawa, or just want to tour and need some recommendations.
Please reach out to us. We know where to find the gems. 
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates and the Hamre Real Estate Team.  
We hope you have a wonderful day! 
Take care.❤️ 

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