The Perfect Storm for OTTAWA's Real Estate Market

Is this the PERFECT STORM? Is this the time to sell your home? 
Our radio ads on CFRA and Pure Country FM state: this is the best time of year to list your home. 
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team.
There may not be a better time than now. 
This could be the peak.
It's a fact though, and the stats stated that " those who list their home in late January and early February, it's some of the highest selling prices of the year"
Their closing dates. Aren't until late May, sometime in June or even early July, because the pendulum at this time of the year is long closings.
Then you hit the summer months and Labour Day and any time after Labour Day, it's quick closings. The pendulum swings the other way. And it's 30 day closing very quickly.
Nobody really wants to move in January, ⛄February.... BUT,  buyers are searching and they're searching in Ottawa and the inventory is at a record, low level.
This could be the best time to sell your home. 
We'd like to talk to you. 
If you're interested, we can do the meeting virtually or in person safely with masks and or on Zoom technology. 
We can actually sell your home virtually and even stage it virtually. 
I like to quote my client said "it was like being on a train, selling her home with the Hamre Team."
It moved left and right. But they just enjoyed the ride. 
This may be the perfect time to sell your home. 
There may not be a better time. Interest rates are on the rise. We know that low inventory levels. This is a phenomenal time to talk about making a move. 
Whether it's a lifestyle move or a condominium move so you don't have to shovel snow every day and deal with cutting the grass. 
We want to talk to you. 
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team, enjoying the lifestyle in Downtown Ottawa, and are in around our rural and suburban communities. 
All the best to you. Take care.
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