The OTTAWA Parliament Hill Escarpment Challenge - Greg Hamre

?The OTTAWA Parliament Hill Escarpment challenge.
The reward is the view at the top ?
A total of 282 ? steps bottom to top...... I ran it twice this morning as part of my morning bike ride. ?
?It's along the escarpment on the back of Parliament Hill and it takes you down to the Ottawa River.
It's a great morning. ☀️
Physical fitness part of my bike. ?
I've just started though. So the 282 steps in a cleanser. ?
?It's a challenge and I passed one lady she's doing it for her fifth time. Amazing.
So you can see the view behind me here.
We're right on the Ottawa River, you could see some of the Parliament buildings behind me on the Ontario side, the landscapers, a bike path that goes all along the river, behind Parliament Hill.?
☀️ And then on the other side is the falls on the Quebec side.
?Absolutely beautiful people are going to work here, but how they are doing their morning climb 282 steps running up and down.
It's a great recreational lifestyle in Ottawa. ?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♀️
?There's my friend, Anthony in Boston. Who's crushing it in real estate.
Thanks for that, Anthony. It's a fabulous city.?
It's safe and offers recreation and it is absolutely beautiful. ?
?So proud to call Ottawa home.
?If you're looking for a good run, a good bike ride, a good stair run climb.
?Reach out to me. I'll put you in the right spot. My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
I'm out of breath.
I have an eight 30 meeting and three listings today.?
?Thankfully, two of them are bungalows, no stairs cause they won't be able to do it again. Have a great day.
?Thanks for watching. Hope you're staying physically fit and enjoying your city. If not come and move to Ottawa or please visit, take care.
Thanks for watching.❤️
It is a beautiful city

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