The Mistake That Almost Cost My Buyers Their Dream Home

🤯This mistake almost cost my buyers their dream home.💭🏡

I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre team at RE/MAX here in Ottawa.📍

Before my buyers 💰 🤝met me, they were going to open houses. And because they didn't have an agent, they were getting bombarded🐣🐣 by other REALTORS® saying, work with me, work with me by this house without the REALTORS® actually knowing what they wanted, what they were looking for their budget or anything...🦗

👎They just wanted to work with that person instead of building that relationship or them; buying the house without building that relationship.❗

So, then they were on Google🌐 one Sunday the evening came up on my page. They were Googling "Best Agents in Ottawa🏆☝." They found me. They watched some videos that I did and it clicked.

It clicked that we would work so well together and that they knew I would find them their dream home.💭🏡

So, when we did our buyer consult 👥 together, they already said they found this one home that they thought they loved🧐, but we had our buyer consultation. We booked showings for the next day, including that house they thought they loved.😉

But... I pulled out a few others that I thought, based on what they were telling me, based on their preferred location📌, their budget💰, what they might actually love 🙊 more after comparing the home that they call over the weekend. They thought they wanted to put an offer on versus other homes that I was able to show them.👁

👉We put an offer on one of those that they didn't even consider before, cause they didn't see👁 it, there wasn't ❌ an open house for it, and no one actually took the time to get to know what they wanted...

That's what we do✅. Inspiring Dreams is what we do, and I'm passionate about making your dreams come true and turning you into a Raving Fan🙌 which is how they were able to find me through 'Rank My Agent' and other platforms that we use.

Now I'm so happy that their offer was accepted and we just firmed up yesterday.🏡✅

The inspection was fantastic🕵️‍♂️. Now we have another 🥂 first-time home buyer who has now become the owner, so very excited for them.🍾

✨If I can make your home dreams come true. It would be my pleasure to help you.✨

📲Visit our website, or send me a message directly here.

I look forward to helping you soon. Take care.🔵🔴⚪

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