The List to Sell Ratio - Greg Hamre - RE/MAX Affiliates Realty LTD

✋It was a mic-drop experience🎤

💎My buyers just purchased along the ⛸ Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa and it was magical.

My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates and the Hamre Real Estate Team. 🎈

🤝We took the lead on the negotiations.

🧠⚡We understand the market in Ottawa got a feel for what the seller's motivation was and we put a strategy together to make sure we win normally in Ottawa like last year where things were selling over the asking price, a normal list-to-sell ratio in Ottawa is about 2%.

👉We negotiated a deal that was 6% off the list price.

My buyer was ecstatic! ⭐

📊We put a strategy together on price.

🖊We went in with bullet points on how to educate the seller on 📊the updates to the market.

We know the market conditions and we know where it's going on.📄

🏠My guys they're going to live on the Rideau Canal every day.

☀️They'll wake up to look at the big windows with a different view, the artwork of downtown where they'll see ⛵ boats go by, 🚶‍♂️they'll walk to the canal, they'll see ⛸skaters,🏃‍♀️ joggers, 🚴‍♂️people on the bike path absolutely fantastic.

🌟What an opportunity.

What a great place to live.💫

❤️You'll want to live here.

✈️Come visit Ottawa in the nation's capital of Canada.

👋My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates and the Hamre Real Estate Team.

We hope to see you soon.😀 Take care!

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