The Home Buyer Strike Is Over - Chelsea Hamre

❌The home buyer strike is over.✅ 😲What do you mean there was a Homebuyer strike? I didn't know that.🧐 💡Well, in theory, there wasn't, but within the Q four of 2022 there was a lot of uncertainty with buyers in the real estate market.📈 🛎So a lot of them held off and stayed on the fence, but not anymore. 🙋‍♀️I'm Chelsea Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates here in Ottawa. And more and more buyers are deciding to participate in the real estate market.🎯 🛒Again, interest rates are more stable. 📉They're actually lower than they were in Q4 2022. 📈Even though overall interest rates have gone up. 💎Also buyers, you have some great opportunities in the market and pricing is more stable sellers. You're not comparing as much to your neighbours.💸 🔑That sold down the street in 2022. We left that in the rear view mirror.🚘 Plus buyers!😎 💸We are competing in multiple offers again, not all the time, but it's still happening, 👀but not in the same way as we've seen before. 📼And you can see that in a different video of mine, but all this to say is that whether you're a fire or a seller in the Ottawa real estate market, 🏆I want to help you win. 🔨🔧And we have the tools that tips the tricks, the knowledge, the strategy to put everything together. 🏡Whether you're a first time Homebuyer, you're an investor, you want to up size downsize or you're trying to figure out how do 🎾 I juggle buying and selling a property? 🎤I have the answers for you! It would be my pleasure to connect. Visit our website.🖥 📲 or send me a message directly here. ❤️I would love to help you and I look forward to helping you soon, take care and we'll chat soon. Vist: #OttawaRealEstate #Ottawa #HomeBuyer

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