Testing your pool and spa water on a regular basis

Testing your pool and spa water on a regular basis will not only provide safe water for the user but it will also help maintain your warranty and protect your equipment.

There is a formula used in the pool industry to calculate the balance of the water called the Langelier Saturation Index. When the calculation shows a very low number, the water is considered corrosive and this will cause damage to the equipment such as a failed heater core. If the calculation is high, there is a chance of calcium dropping out of suspension and causing scale.

BOTH of these conditions will cause issues with water quality as filters will clog easily and restrict the flow. If the circulation is restricted, salt systems will not read salt levels properly, treated water will not be able to reach remote areas of the pool, the system will work harder trying to pump water and damage could occur.

Properly balanced water will provide an environment that deters algae growth, allow you to reduce the amount of sanitizer you need and protect your pool equipment.

Regular testing can also provide insight into how your pool is working. By graphing the chemical levels, we can often tell if your pool is losing water.

Check out our next blog next week to find out how.

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