Team Leo's Cross Canada Fundraiser

☀️This morning, we're here in Ottawa.

We got a special guest with the Hamre Real Estate Team and we have a special guest, 🦁 Leo Bruneau

🚗All the way from Vancouver is Fundraising across Canada to raise money for the Children's Hospital, Sick Kids, all money raised in each city goes, 🏙 stays in that city.

📍And for Ottawa, it's CHEO which every person even in this beautiful restaurant, at the Elgin Street Diner this morning here in Ottawa, everybody in this room has been affiliated with the children's hospital and knows somebody that has been or will be.❤️

⏭ Leo has done this multiple times and the first time he ever did it, it was a two-month trip across Canada raised $6,700 myself and my brother Steve and our whole team at the Hamre Real Estate Team.

✅We're going to give Leo a check for $6,700

😀Thank you so much right here in Ottawa and we're thrilled this is in Ottawa.

🤗The Hamre Team is happy to be part of the adventure!

Thank you, everybody! 🙌

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