Surround Yourself With the Best

Who you surround yourself with in life says a lot about you.
I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
I'm very fortunate right now to be in Nashville at an Elite REALTOR® mastermind where I was just presenting this morning about multimedia and social media strategies, video and all that fun stuff.
And when you get the chance to teach, you also get to learn as well.
And I'm surrounded by a lot of like minded people, top producing agents across Canada and the US.
It's really been a fantastic opportunity.
There was a speaker after me talking about profitability, which is something that so many people don't talk about and just how to be able to elevate our businesses in different ways and say we have a bit of free time then catching up later tonight and then back at it with the learning tomorrow.
But it's been such an amazing opportunity.
And if we can connect in any way, whether you're looking to participate in, your local REALTOR® market might have somebody who can help you in my market in Ottawa or another agent.
You're looking how you can elevate your business.
I'd love to chat.
We'll talk to you soon.
I'm Chelsea Hamre, take care! 

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