Supporting Local

There are so many great ways to support local this Christmas season. 
Today I'm at Landsdowne.
There is a farmer's market going on at the pavilion. 
I just picked up some Yummy cookies, candy cane chocolate, so excited to try them. 
Maybe those at my office will have a nice treat. 
But what's great about Landsdowne is that market, you need to come check it out.
They also have fresh fruits and vegetables, some meat and, artisan crafts. It's a great spot as well to come for lunch or brunch, and support a local business or a restaurant. 
Don't forget until the end of November, the Hamre Team is supporting the Snowsuit Fund. 
So you still have a few days left. If you're looking to drop one off, let me know if you can at our office at 1180 Place d'Orleans Drive. You can do a monetary donation on our website. Let me know if you do. I'd love to do a shout-out,.
I'm having a wonderful day. It's nice and beautiful here in the city of Ottawa.
Cheers, and Happy Holidays.
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