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?Welcome to super sold Sunday!
My name is Greg Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa, and we're just putting up another sold sign in Convent Glen North.?
?This was a beautiful four-bedroom home and I've got a great story about it.
Number one this family bought this home through my mom who was one of the top female realtors in Canada, back in the eighties.⏰
❤️Their family grew up here. They had wonderful memories, wonderful family events that happened in this home. I actually went to school with the kids who are in their fifties, like me now. So there was another, another connection there, which was great and it was really great to reconnect with them as well.
This was the ninth home that we've sold in the last 35 days. That was in the luxury to a million-dollar price point in this area. ?
It's the fastest part of the market is the luxury to million dollar price point. ?Million-dollar price points are being talked about every day now in Ottawa.
?This listing here experienced a high level of visibility on the internet. We had a high number of showings on it. We had multiple offers, we had to, slow down the process of getting people in because of COVID.
One of the offers that came in, was a virtual offer from a virtual showing overseas.?
We had another buyer take a shot at it coming in from the US? so global exposure, mass exposure, through our website, mass exposure with our storytelling video that really told the story of the home, the neighbourhood, the location. ?
It sold for substantially over the asking price. The seller's expectations right now are very, very high.?
?All seller's expectations are high. And in this case, we exceeded those high expectations and I was thrilled about that.
?The sellers were thrilled. The buyers. Were so choked up when they got the home when they won that they couldn't catch their breath and they were in tears, it was tears of joy.?
And it's tough seeing anybody cry, but I mean, you couldn't help but feel for them and feel the excitement.
There's, a family moving in here with a lot of kids and that's really exciting for the neighbourhood. And I've already let the neighbours know and they're excited about that too. ?‍♂️
So a lot of new growth in the Convent Glen North area, along the ? Ottawa river, along the future light rails, very exciting for the neighbourhood this morning.
And I've already communicated that to the neighbours and they've expressed their appeal to it. ☺️
But this is a market that is moving quite quickly.
You have to be working with a realtor that understands the game and is ready to move quickly. You need someone who can jump for you, uh, has a pulse of the market, knows what the value of the home and can make that dream of purchasing a home, a reality for you.?‍♂️
And we're seeing that the realtors are really on it are doing the winning. That's important. We're gonna move on to, some more showings this afternoon. ?
We're showing rural we're showing, suburbs again, and then I'm back downtown to show another house in the Glebe this afternoon.?
We have offers on the go and we have more offers, lined up for Monday. ?
We have new product coming in the next two weeks, it's already lined up with our stagers working on it right now. And our photographers are booked plus our videographers and some of those price points are 1,000,000!
We've got another one coming that's absolutely stunning at 2.5 million.
So we have more high-end listings coming in that high-end part of the market is the fastest-growing market in Ottawa.
?The river's moving the fastest, see a river cause I'm along the Ottawa river here. So the million-dollar price point, that million to $2.5 million price point is the fastest-growing part of the market.
We participate in that market in a big way. ?
⭐Thank you very much for watching again. My name is Greg Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
Thrilled to be putting up another sold sign this morning.?
Again, to me, this is Super Sold Sunday. ?


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