Sunrise on the Rideau Canal Ottawa

?Ottawa is a destination city and it's a four-season city.
My name is Greg Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team Affiliates in Ottawa.
❄️ I'm really excited beyond the canal this morning, up bright and early. See the sunrise. I've got the place to myself.
?There's just a few locals down here, skating, taking in the fresh air on their way to get a hot, bagel at Kettleman's bagel shop.
But lots of people. Just locals at the moment, skating along the canal.
What I wanted to tell you about though, I'm at the Concord skate exit. So it's the, it's the entrance to the canal. And I've got a new listing that is only a hundred steps, just a little over a hundred steps from the access at Concord to the canal. ⛸
Most of the places that are in front or behind me here are a million to 2 million. My new listing is only $750,000. ?
?It's a four-bedroom. Beautiful, good home with hardwood, floors, hardwood staircase, heated garage, all the amenities, newer kitchen, newer bathrooms fronting onto a courtyard, but it offers you the lifestyle.
?A downtown that that lifestyle is for four-season recreation.
The city of Ottawa does a wonderful job. Keeping our bike paths and walking trails open year-round. We've got skating along the canal. We've got downtown cross-country skiing. ⛷
We've got lifestyle, for parks and recreation. And we've also got wonderful eateries and I can't explain to you the food down here, the food options are fantastic.???
Lots of people out enjoying it. Ottawa's a safe city we're down in right in the core of it. ?‍♂️
?It's an amazing neighbourhood setting. It's amazing. And it's a lifestyle that's very affordable compared to other major cities.
To view the details of our latest listing in the downtown core, please visit our website or reach out to us directly.?
See that listing➡️
?Again, we're on the Canal, the Rideau Canal, the historic Canal. It's just over seven kilometres long.
?The ice conditions are fabulous. It's a tourist destination for Ottawa, which won't happen this year because of COVID.
?But for locals living in the downtown area, we really get to enjoy the lifestyle of downtown Ottawa.
Again, a four-season affordable city that is safe.
If you're thinking of making a move for your lifestyle, now's the time to reach out to us directly.?☎️
Again, my name is Greg Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team Affiliates in Ottawa. ?
?‍♂️Hope to see on the Canal this winter take care.

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