Stay Cool This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is not here yet but is just around the corner and you are going to want to make sure your air conditioning unit is running in tip-top shape! This blog will help you figure out if your air conditioner is working.

Follow along to stay cool this summer! 

Step 1

Wait! You need to make sure that it is above 13 degrees celsius outside. This will be warm enough so that you will have an accurate idea of whether or not your air conditioner is working. It will also prevent you from making your home too cold during the test.

Step 2

Remove any protective covers. These covers are great for preventing damage in the winter but your AC unit cannot operate with the cover on. Make sure you’ve taken it off.

Step 3

Turn the temperature down on your thermostat by 3 to 5 degrees. Make sure that you are set to cooling as some systems require this setting to be chosen.

Step 4

Wait again. This time just wait for about 20 minutes to make sure your unit has had time to fire up and get to work.

Step 5

Check your vents to see if you can feel cool air coming out. If you are already cold and needed to grab a sweater, chances are your unit is working well. 

If your unit is not working properly, do not panic! Spring is a great time to get maintenance done because we still have time until air conditioning is absolutely necessary. Call your service provider and they will take care of you. 

If everything is in order, congratulations! You just completed your springtime test! Relax with the peace of mind that a cool summer is ahead for you. 

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Enjoy your summer! 

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