Spring Real Estate Market Doesn't Last 12 Months

The spring market doesn't last 12 months.

There is urgency in the market. You're reading the headlines that there's multiple offer situations. We're seeing homes selling in days.

We're seeing lots of traffic through the front doors. There's lots of excitement and a, and just a breath of fresh air here in the auto real estate market.

But week 17 is always the peak of the spring market. And from there we, we see a slowdown where returns to a more balanced market. 

So if you’re a seller, understand. And that if you haven’t had an offer in the last 30 days, or you haven’t had any footprints through your front door in the last week, or worse yet, you have snow in the picture of your listing you want, you might want to react to that and do take action and try and engage buyer's emotions by doing a price change where you look at your marketing or reposition yourself and your branding.

Week 17 is the peak. It just passed.

60% of the homes will have sold in the year. By the end of May.

There is urgency in the market.

If you need help and assistance, please reach out to us. My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate team.

We hope to see you soon. Take care

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