SOLD In Ottawa Real Estate

?I've got a story to share with you tonight.
We just put up two more sold signs, two beautiful listings that we had this week. ?
We actually sold three houses today in Ottawa. ???
☀️It's this second week in January. My name is Greg Hamre with RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
One of the places we had tonight, was listed at $800,000.?
?We had 29 showings on it. In just a few days. We had 10 offers on it this evening.
It's sold for substantially over the asking price! ?
We had another one that was priced at $425,000. It was a two-bedroom, free-hold townhouse, sold substantially over the asking price. We had quite a few showings on that over 35!
We had 11 offers on that. It sold quite quickly and the sellers are thrilled. ?
We also represent a buyer this afternoon, and we've got more out of town buyers in right now. Some coming from Southern Ontario and I'm working with some people from Manitoba.
Market conditions are really, historically high.?
You can really feel the tempo for the start of the real estate market here in Ottawa.?
The weather is very favourable. Favourable for real estate. ☀️
☎️If you have any questions on the market or need a market update, thinking about buying or selling, please reach out to us.
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX affiliates in Ottawa.?


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