Snowsuit Fund Initiative Ottawa

Feel the cold going through you this morning?

For many that means it is time to break out the winter jacket and bundle up when going outside.

Not every kid is so lucky, however.

❤️This year we are partnering with the snowsuit fund and other members of our community to help share some warmth this winter.

❄️The snowsuit fund anticipates a demand of 16,000 + snowsuits needed for kids in our community

That is a big number but one that we can get to in order to keep everyone warm this winter.

The snowsuit fund gives snowsuits to less fortunate children 15 and under in the community who would not otherwise have access to a snowsuit.

There are a number of ways to help:

You can donate a new or lightly used snowsuit to one of our drop off boxes.

Drop boxes are located at our office, Kids Kingdom, Occo kitchen, and Sure Print.

You can also donate monetarily through our Hamre Real Estate Team RE/MAX Affiliates fund on the Snowsuit Fund website

Donations over $20 will automatically give you a tax receipt

And $50 can put a child in a new snowsuit for the winter.

Being outside in the winter is an important part of growing up in Ottawa and children need warm clothes if they are going out to play.

Thinking back on your own childhoods and how much fun you had skating, tobogganing, and climbing snowbanks.

Every child deserves to play outside and be carefree.

❤️They need warm clothes.

We are proud to partner with this charity this winter.

This a great way to get involved and make a difference right here in our local community and we would love your help and support.

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