Should I Move Closer To My Grandchildren?

As beautiful as this city is. 🏙️

Some people still need to move. 🚚

And it's, it's wonderful when they reach out and say Greg, you know, let's talk. 💬

We want to put a strategy together. 📝

I just met with some clients and I've worked with a family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I've sold the parents' home. 🏡

Now. They're looking at moving closer to their children, their adult children who are in Southern Ontario, actually down near Lake Huron. 🌊

They called me with a two-year plan. 2️⃣

I said, Greg, we want to talk to, you want to put a two-year plan in place and two years turned into like two days I met with them. 🗓️

We put a plan in place. 📋

We discussed what the future holds, you know, how we can manage this, what the two-year plan would be. 🤔

And then we said we could actually make this happen right now. 🎉

You can get your house on the market, you can buy this house and there's some great selection of inventory where they're going. 🏠

So timing is everything. ⏰

And for being a buyer right now, it's probably an opportune time. 🛒

We know that interest rates are going to drop and the selection of inventory hasn't been this good in a long time. 💰

So there's selection not just here in Ottawa, in all parts of Ontario. 🌎

And these people want to take advantage of it and move on with life because like me, the hourglass is turned over already and now you have to start thinking, hey, those two years I want to enjoy and they want to enjoy them closer to their grandchildren. ⏳

My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team. 🔨

We want to be a part of your journey. 🛣️

Reach out to us. 📞

We're here to help. 🤝

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