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Thinking about selling your home in the next eight months?

We want to save you from a huge mistake.

Do you find it frustrating that there's nothing that is coming up on your home search?

You're not alone. Inventory is very tight right now. So people aren't thinking about getting their houses ready.

❄️When inventory starts to increase in December, January, and February, a lot of the exterior homes look very uninviting. They'll be snow-covered.

⛄You can't see the walkways, the interlock, the newly paved driveways, the patio, the deck, or even the pool.

At that point, you've already lost the curb appeal.

✨We're going to help you change that.

Take photos now to increase the value of your home this winter.

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That's what really wins the online beauty contest, architecturally professional photography.

That's why we started the Hamre Real Estate Seasonal photo program.

Now don't make the same mistake as everybody else.

Book your appointment today. Our photographers are taking photos now.

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This is Steve Hamre from the Hamre Real Estate Team and I hope to see you soon.

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