Relocating to Ottawa?

 This is relocation time of year......
......March, and heading into April!
As I pass by DND Headquarters and a lot of clients there, the barracks over the one shoulder there, the messes on the other side, I've been invited the mess a few times with my relocation clients with DND CSIS government, and corporations.
This is the time that they relocate in and out of Ottawa. 
It's a big part of the Ottawa market. The March time period is when these new listings come on and people are relocating from all across Canada and around the world!
 More and more we have to do this virtually! 
They're not in Ottawa and they're not even able to get to Ottawa to buy a house.
We did it last year. 
We did a lot of virtuals where one couple, never even saw Ottawa. They'd never been to Ottawa and they purchased a house from us virtually, that's kind of the way it was at the beginning of COVID, but we've been doing virtual showings and selling virtually for years and it's just a part of our business.
Our storytelling videos on our listings really tell the story of the home.
They really allow the buyer to be at ease and feel comfortable and trust that what they're looking at is actually your reality. 
So we make it easy for the buyer to feel comfortable. And we've been doing storytelling videos since '09
Remember the first one we got, we got compliments back 10 YEARS AGO. 
They said " Wow! We didn't have to get out of our chair to buy a house in Ottawa because our storytelling video describes the feeling of the home"
The video describes the setting. It describes, where the ☀️ sun comes up. Everything about that is in the neighbourhood, the neighbourhood amenities, the real feel of the home that you don't get from just looking at pictures or reading a description. ❤️
It allows me to make sure that the buyers that are coming through that house know the house. And I'm not relying on someone just opening the front door. 
The story of the home gets told the sizzle of the home, the ❤️ emotion of it, the feel get told, and that's, that's important in today's market. 
Again, it's relocation time ⏰ in Ottawa. We'll be working with a lot of transfers in and out. And we take great pride in that.
And I always make sure that even if they're on a five day house hunting trip, that they find the house of their dreams. 
There there's no excuse. I know the market's crazy. ✅ We will still come through for our clients. 
It'll be calm. It won't be crazy. We'll make sure that it's a manageable approach.
Just walking through downtown Ottawa this morning, getting my, a breath of fresh air, taking it all in.
Looking forward to working with more clients today, we've got a busy day ahead of us we got a photoshoot this morning, which will be wonderful and some nice, really fabulous listings coming up in the next, 24 hours. 
 So visit our website, for latest and greatest and reach out to me directly, if I can be assistance to you.
Really appreciate you watching my video. 
This is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa, enjoying, walking downtown Ottawa this morning. 
It's a safe city. People are just starting to come out to run, bike and walk through, the city core, all the best!❤️

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