Relocating To Ottawa! - Karen MacDonald

✈Are you planning on making a move to Ottawa?
Well my clients from Newfoundland just did ?My name is Karen from the Hamre Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa. This is a ?story about a family from Newfoundland who are relocating to Ottawa, they have never been to Ottawa and they are trusting in me to find them the perfect home ?and that is exactly what we did. ☎It began with communication, I was talking with this family everyday for a couple of weeks, I learned everything there is to know about their wants, their needs, their likes, their dislikes. What is important and what isn't.We were able to narrow the search down to an area that they wanted and then we started looking at homes for them. ?We saw a few and yesterday we found the home that they love. Today was offer day, our offer was submitted, ☎communication was happening again with the listing agent who was wonderful to deal with. ?We were able to secure them this home and they are thrilled. ✈During a relocation, communication is key. We talk everyday, zoom calls, facetime...whatever it takes for us to learn about you and what is important for you. For this couple, they trusted in me to find them their home.This is the 2nd couple I have had from Newfoundland in the last two months. It is very exciting and I can't wait until they get here. ❤I know they are going to love their home. If you are relocating or if you are looking to buy or sell in Ottawa call me at 613-978-1636 or visit our website at

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