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There's no better feeling than coming home. And, in the fall you get that emotional feeling inside, but more excitingly today.
 I have relocation clients coming in from Italy.
 They're coming home to Ottawa. And boy, we take things for granted. When we live here, it's such a beautiful city. 
These people have been out west...They've been up the coast, they've been around the world and they're relocating back to Ottawa to their home. It's exciting.
 I've been with them over the years. Watching them move and staying in touch with 'em over the years as we move them into Ottawa and out, and they're coming home and saying, Greg, this is where we want, where we want to lay our roots.
I'm picking them up today. 
We're looking at rural properties, just inside of Ottawa, but just on the fringe of it, they want a place where they can be for the next 10 plus years where their kids can become teenagers and really have a place to call home and play and, and have great memories. And it's such a, a fun part to be a part of.
But again, we take Ottawa for granted. It's a beautiful city.
I'm Downtown Ottawa here in a quiet neighborhood🧘‍♂️ in the city core and where festivals are happening. There's concerts every other night right now in the fall months and it's alive. 
The city is alive. We're really happy to be a part of this relocation experience and we'll make that a wonderful experience for them.
Cause we know relocation, we know Ottawa, that's actually our website 
Relocation is an interesting part of the real estate business. You start working with clients well long before they arrive.
 And when they arrive their excitement and expectation level is quite high. We need to keep that level of excitement high and their expectations at the highest level.
We've got properties to show them today. 
A few that are off market that haven't hit the market. So they'll be the first to see them.
 It's going to be an exciting day.
We're really happy for our clients and great quite. Quite grateful that they would reach back to the Hamre Real Estate Team in Ottawa.
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.
We hope to see you soon. Take care

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