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It's a really exciting moment when...

I get to call my clients and tell them that they just won in multiple offers the home that they really wanted here in Ottawa!!

THIS JUST HAPPENED - with my clients relocating from Regina, SK
We do a lot of relocation here in Ottawa.

⏰We understand that you're here for a short amount of time & that you need to buy a home.

We're not going to let you settle. We want to find you a home that excites you, that you're excited to drive into the neighbourhood. You're excited to drive up to the home, walk in and be able to call it home, create some memories, whether you're posted here for a short term or a longterm time.

That's what we were able to do tonight!

My clients were here for a 5 day house hunting trip and it started yesterday.

We saw 10 properties and we saw another 5 today

That's a lot of homes to see in the market today, which is great for buyers, because it means that there's options available and you don't need to settle and we wouldn't let you settle anyways.

We saw this property yesterday, but it wasn't accepting offers till this. We had a B plan, but ultimately this one was the one to win and that's the one that they wanted to be able to call home their top pick. ✅

So day two - we were able to make that happen.

We were in multiple offers tonight, our strategies, our knowledge of the market, and a few tricks up our sleeve.♟

So if you're relocating to or within Ottawa, please give us a call with love to chat

We understand the importance of it, and we want to make sure you have the wonderful experience.


I really look forward to chatting with you soon. Take care and have a wonderful evening.

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