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Thinking about moving to Ottawa? If you are looking to relocate for work, quality of life, home affordability or any other reason, The Hamre Real Estate Team can help make the process absolutely seamless. Ottawa is a destination city and there are so many reasons to want to move to Ottawa. This blog will give you insight on the relocation process, key reasons to consider moving to Ottawa and why you want to call the Hamre Real Estate Team to make your relocation happen. 

What To Consider Before Your House Hunting Trip 

Planning a house hunting trip can be exciting and nerve-racking but to make it worth the trip you want to be prepared before your arrival. For a quick video, breakdown make sure to watch the video above! Here are a few of the most important things to consider when planning your house hunting trip! 

1. Research The Area

This can be a super important step that people may gloss over. Think about where you want to live and why. This can have a lot to do with your reason for moving to Ottawa. If you are moving for work you definitely want to consider your commute. There are beautiful homes across Ottawa but driving more than 20 minutes to work can be a daunting task for some. It all depends on your personal preferences. If you love rural you may need to deal with a longer commute.

Research different neighbourhoods across Ottawa and consider your options. How close do you want to be to amenities? What type of lifestyle do you want to enjoy in your day-to-day life? The Hamre Real Estate Team can always help you with this as well. We know Ottawa and can definitely suggest different neighbourhoods based on your personal preferences. 

2. Think About Your Budget 

How much do you plan on spending on your new home? Decide on a budget and make sure to take additional costs into account. These could include the expenses associated with relocation such as moving expenses, travel, etc...

An important part of that process could be to get pre-approved for a mortgage. If you are relocating from out of province, country or even another city we can help get you set up with an Ottawa mortgage broker. This pre-approval will help set your budget and set you on your way to buying a home in Ottawa

3. Think About Your Timeline 

When are you planning to move to Ottawa? Timing is everything. Depending on your timeline we can help you make decisions in the process. If you are looking to move in 6 months we can start giving you some ideas on neighbourhoods and the Ottawa real estate market. If you are planning on moving in the next 3 months, we want to get you down to Ottawa as soon as possible. 

Whatever your timeline we can help make it work for you. Communication is key throughout this process. We can consult with you virtually to get you started and have an understanding of your goals and desires when you do touchdown in Ottawa. We will make the most of your time and streamline your relocation to Ottawa. 

Why Move To Ottawa?

There are so many reasons to move to Ottawa. From lifestyle and recreation to affordability and beyond, moving to Ottawa could just be the best decision you ever make. This is our hometown and we always love the opportunity to tell people about this amazing city. 

If you are on the fence about calling Ottawa home or you just want a sneak peek at what could be in store for your new life in Ottawa here are several spectacular reasons to relocate to Ottawa! 

1. Affordability in a Major North American City

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and one of the largest North American cities. Ottawa is on the rise but continues to offer competitive affordable pricing compared to other large cities and even some smaller ones. Ottawa's average home price is far less than Toronto's. 

2. Lifestyle For Everyone

Ottawa is such a diverse and spectacular city there truly is something for everyone to enjoy. Your personal preferences can all be satisfied in Ottawa. What is your favourite activity or pass time? Ottawa has the answers for everyone! 

For sports fans, Ottawa has many professional teams. Our pride and joy is of course the Ottawa Senators. From Brady Tkachuk to Tim Stutzle our NHL team is full of rising stars. Our CFL team is also a very important part of the city. The Ottawa Redblacks are a fan favourite and always offer great entertainment at Lansdowne Park. Also at Lansdowne Park, you can watch our OHL Team the Ottawa 67's and do not forget Ottawa's professional basketball team from the CEBL the Ottawa Blackjacks. Both of these teams allow you the opportunity to see future pro stars. Two CEBL players actually played in NBA in 2022. Atlético Ottawa also hosts games for Soccer (Football) fans in Ottawa. All of these teams are super exciting and on the rise in Ottawa. 

Ottawa is also home to some of the very best restaurants in the world. From fine dining to Foodtrucks and everything in between Ottawa has delicious food to match any taste. Downtown Ottawa has some amazing spots. One especially great location Is Elgin Street. There you can find any variety of food including pub fare, classic diner food, exquisite fine dining and more. Byward Market in Downtown Ottawa is also known for amazing eateries. 

Entertainment is also abundant in Ottawa. The National Arts Centre has concerts and plays almost daily. The Canadian Tire Centre has world-class acts from Justin Bieber to Shania Twain. TD Centre has had incredible concerts and comedy. Ottawa is also home to the annual concert series Bluesfest which has amazing acts including Luke Bryan and Luke Combs this year! Entertainment is always around the corner in Ottawa.  

Where ever you go for lifestyle and entertainment Ottawa has the answers. Sports, Live Events, and great eateries, there are so many options in Ottawa you will never get bored! 

3. Year-Round Recreation 

Four-season recreation means you can always access amazing recreation in Ottawa. The city of Ottawa was developed with greenspace and recreation in mind. The Greenbelt and Historic Rideau Canal are just two of the dozens of amazing features that contribute to outstanding recreation options that are available in Ottawa. 

In the warmer months, Ottawa is a biker's paradise. The sprawling expanse of bike trails in Ottawa is more than anyone could handle. There are bike trails throughout the city which wind through and around neighbourhoods across the city. You can see an example of these trails in the exciting video above. For the story on a beautiful trail in rural Ottawa, you can read a detailed article here. Biking along the Rideau Canal, along the Ottawa River or through neighbourhoods will amaze you and ignite your sense of adventure. 

The Ottawa River, Rideau Canal and various other waterways are also great locations for boating, kayaking, canoeing and anything else you can possibly imagine. Ottawa is constantly open for great recreation on land or water. 

Recreation in Ottawa is not just for humans. That's right Ottawa is full of amazing Dog Parks. The city of Ottawa has an abundance of parkland from East to West. Parks have various designations for dog activities. Read our DOG PARK BLOG to look at some of the great dog parks across the city. There is likely a beautiful space for dogs near your new home if you relocate to Ottawa. 

Winter in Ottawa brings in new opportunities for amazing recreation. The bike paths become ski trails, hiking trails become snowshoe paths and the Rideau Canal becomes the world's largest skating rink. Enjoy the historic skating rink and get some great exercise. Could you imagine if your local rink was the Rideau Canal? 

A short drive away, you can also enjoy some awesome trails in Gatineau Park. These trails are perfect for cross country skier with higher skill levels and include both up and downhill stretches. Burn calories, glide around and have some fun, this is a fantastic activity for everyone. In the same area are some great skihills including Vorlage and Camp Fortune. Winter in Ottawa and the surrounding area is a sight to behold and enjoy. 

The Hamre Real Estate Team RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa is incredibly experienced in the relocation process. Our agents are accustomed to making this relocation seamless and professional. We will use the most advanced communication technologies to get to know you and help you find your home.

In some cases, our real estate agents can even help you relocate virtually. We see it happen all the time. Virtual showings that can help you move to Ottawa. House Hunting trips can also be a great option. Our team knows Ottawa and can make the most of even a short house hunting trip to help you find your Ottawa dream home.  

We can get you from point A to Ottawa in no time. Let's start the conversation today! Reach out via the contact form below to start your Ottawa Relocation process. It would be our pleasure to help you. 

Relocate To Ottawa

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