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🚚 Relocation - are you being relocated to Ottawa - do you have a ton of questions? ❓🔁

📞 Once you reach out to us, we drive the bus and take care of everything and anything you could possibly think of. 🙌🚍

💡 3 things to keep in mind when you are relocating:

1️⃣ Ideally, your house hunting trip should be once your current home is sold - at that point, you are ready to go and those 5-10 days you have allocated to your house hunting trip is all you - dedicated to you and finding that special home. 🏡🔍 Now, there are some circumstances where that doesn't happen, you booked your house hunting trip and your house hasn't sold. You can't cancel, and you need to come anyway - that is okay, we will just shift our focus a bit. We will see homes, determine what you like, and focus on our city and the areas where you want to be. Do you prefer Barrhaven, Orleans, Kanata? What is your commute? What is important to you? Is it schools, parks, restaurants? 🏢✨🚗 By the time you get on that plane to go back home, we will know your wants and needs so once your house sells, we can help you virtually. 🛫🏠💻

2️⃣ Don't forget when you come for that trip, you will need to have access to funds for a deposit - this is something that is often overlooked, and it is paramount in your offer. And the higher the deposit, the better - all dependent on the price of the house, of course. 💰💼💵

3️⃣ You want to make sure you have a great agent. Relocations are a lot of the time referrals from agents, and we are top of mind when it comes to that. Why? Because we give the VIP service and we have the reputation and the knowledge. 🌟🔑🤝

Relocate To Ottawa

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