Real Estate Journey - Relocating To Ottawa

🌟 Everyone has a unique adventure, a unique story, a unique experience, and in real estate, they're all different.

👋 My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team.

🏡 I've just done three listing appointments over the last few days, and each one of them had something special to me.

🌐 The first one was a referral from an out-of-town client. I met with the couple nine months ago, and we started putting a plan together to make sure that their home would be sold and ready to hit the market in the early part of the year, and that came together.

🤝 I had the opportunity to meet with them a few times since then and really get to know them and their story, and their life, and have a relationship with them because they're leaving town.

🚗 And a lot of times when people leave town, they're like, "Greg, well, that'll be the last time we ever meet you," but that's not the story.

📞 I stay in touch, and I have lots of DND people or relocation people, whether it's RCMP, CSIS, or whatever it is in Ottawa where they move in and out, and I stay in touch with them.

They call me every time they get posted to other places across Canada to say, "Who do I use in the East Coast, West Coast, or the Prairies as a REALTOR, Greg?"

📍 And in the roots, I'm still the realtor.

🌌 Another one of my listings in the last 24 hours was a couple that I dealt with their mom and dad many times.

👪 And when I sat in front of them, they said, "Greg, we're so happy to be dealing with you. You feel like family," and that's a great measurement to me.

📏 That's the measurement, and I won't let them down.

🏡 My last one was a couple that I dealt with a few years ago that sold through me and moved into a beautiful new home, and now they've decided to sell and move to a different style of home again.

📅 Met with them six months ago, started working on a plan, just met with them yesterday, and had a coffee and discussed the plan.

🔐 Everything is locked up, all the paperwork's done, talked to them a few times later that day.

☕ And then this morning, they sent me a beautiful text to say how excited they are to be working with me again and to be a part of this journey.

📊 And that's a measure to me.

📏 I wanna be that realtor that you call your realtor and that's special to you, and that really moves the needle for you.

🎯 It is not just somebody that passes in and out of your life who becomes your REALTOR.

📐 It's the measurement for me.

📌 It's really what I do it for.

👥 It's why my team does it.

💼 We have passion in our professionalism as being REALTORS.

📞 Hope to talk to you soon.

👋 If I can be of assistance to you.

🌟 My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team hope to see you soon.

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