Real Estate Closing Day Nightmare - Ottawa Real Estate

😵‍💫Nightmares on the day of closing…

⏱Purchasers show up at the house at 9:00 AM thinking they on the house with, with a dog in toe and moving boxes and their moving 🚛truck and crew waiting out in front of the house…

They don't own the house🏡 yet. My sellers call me going 📞

💬 “Greg, they're already moving in.”

The utility company is here wanting to change utilities.

It ends up being a nightmare and everybody's anxiety is off the charts for no reason at all. 👎🏼

👉🏼This could have been avoided in Ontario. The agreement of purchase sales says the house closes ⏳ at 6:00 PM That refers to a time zone that is west of Thunder Bay. It's a two hour difference than the Ottawa Central time zone.😉

Which in Ottawa is 4:00 PM At 4:00 PM It's, it's, the money 💰should be transferred. The key 🔑 should be transferred, or a 🔒lockbox.

😕In this case, the, this, the purchasers were not coached by the realtor and or the lawyer and assumed that on the day of closing, they, they took the possession as soon as the sun went up.🌅

👀It was a expensive extra cost for the purchasers.

My sellers had anxiety that they were out, supposed to be outta the house and they weren't - Two tips. Pick a ✔️realtor that's gonna coach you through to the end of day of closing. Pick a lawyer 🧑‍⚖️that's gonna communicate and make sure that you know exactly when you'll, you'll receive your keys.✔️

Number three, avoid closing on a Friday. And number four, have your moving company 🚛show up the day after closing, just in case there's any hiccups.

🗣Communication is everything though, and we want our clients to have a wonderful experience. At the end of the day, everybody was relieved and coached through to make it a wonderful experience.🙌🏽

But the anxiety levels went off the charts in the morning and they didn't need to.

My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate team.⭐️

We wanna make sure you have a wonderful moving experience from start to finish. 🏁

📲Reach out to us today if we can assist you and coach you through and make sure your moving experience, it's off the charts.🙌🏽

Hope to see you soon. Take care💪🏼

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