Putting The Pieces Together - Chelsea Hamre - Hamre Real Estate RE/MAX

?Real estate is like a puzzle and you have to put the right pieces together....
?I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa
We just sold this wonderful single-family home in Convent Glen, where the puzzle pieces were put together to represent both the buyer and the seller.?
This market, it's not easy...It never was....
The Hamre Team has the tools and the strategies to put those pieces together and to have a winning strategy representing both buyers and sellers. ♟
?They are both so excited. Our seller is moving on to a different city to be closer to family and our buyers will now experience a different lifestyle that they were looking for.
They're moving from downtown here to Convent Glen, to have a bit more greenery space, be close to some walking paths, close proximity to the highway.?
?Overall we're excited that we were able to be those matchmakers for those puzzle pieces together.
If we can help inspire your dreams for either selling or buying, it would be our pleasure to help - we certainly want the opportunity to do so. ?
?You can reach out directly on our website (We Know Ottawa dot com) or send me a message here.
It would be my pleasure. Have a wonderful day.?
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