Playing The Long Game In Ottawa Real Estate

Real estate is not a hit-it-and quit it or get rich quick, you're in it for the long game. 🏡

I was watching a video of an agent that I really admire and she has a friend who is a 13-year-old boy and he had saved all his birthday money, Christmas money through the years and he had enough money to buy a small home. 💰

That needed a lot of work and they bought it. 🔨

Obviously, his parents helped they bought it and this kid went to work and he scraped paint and he helped with the flooring and he helped make this place presentable and rentable. 🎨

And now he's a landlord with his parents. 🤵‍♂️🏠

Of course. Yes, I know people are gonna say, yeah, the parents help, but he put in a good chunk of change and now he's a landlord. 💼

So can you imagine what this kid's real estate portfolio is gonna look like in 10 years when he's 23 years old or when he's 33 years old, he is set, they have set him up and if I could do it all over again and this isn't me telling you, hey, pick me, pick me and go buy a bunch of properties. 🚀

No, I'm just telling you that real estate is the way to go and yes, interest rates are high, but try and look at it through the monthly payment, sit down with a lender and look at what you can afford and look at it through the monthly payment. 💵

We have listings. 📋

We just sold one for under $300,000. 💰

We have another one around the same, same price range and just scoop them up and just think about the wealth, the wealth that you could acquire the generational wealth. 💰💼

It's a long game, guys, you're not gonna buy a property and expect to get rich in six months. 📆

It's the long game and real estate is the way to go. 🌟

Karen MacDonald from the Hamre Real Estate team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa. 👋

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