Ottawa's Generosity For The Snowsuit Fund - Greg Hamre

I am always surprised the generosity from our clients and the public in Ottawa is unbelievable.
We're just finishing our last week with the annual snowsuit collection for the Ottawa Snowsuit Fund, which is an annual collection in the fourth quarter of every year, and this year the demand is as big as ever.
And especially for the smaller size children's suits. Anything new or used is greatly appreciated. But I want to tell you about three different situations.
One is a client of mine, Judy, who doesn't have any children and calls me every year to donate on a regular basis. Another client of mine just delivered a thousand dollars check to go directly to the Ottawa Snowsuit Fund.
And then our contacts in the US shipped up three snowsuits this week with a surprise delivery which is just outstanding. 
I'm overwhelmed. 
I'm so thankful to be associated with that, with such great people and again, if you have it in your heart to or find a newer use snowsuit or have it in your heart to donate, we're still collecting snowsuits until Friday of this week, the 9th of December.
For all those that have contributed and supported this. Thank you very much.
Our storage room here at the office is full of great snowsuits that we're bringing over on Monday, and I know they're anticipating our delivery and I'm really looking forward to it.
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team
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