Ottawa's Most Peaceful Recreation Trail

Ottawa's Most Peaceful Recreation Trail 

Prescott-Russell Trail Link is Ottawa's quietest and most peaceful recreation trail. The trail is a favourite of nearby residents but is little known to people from outside the immediate area. This quiet trail runs from Green's Creek all the way east into Quebec where it becomes an official trail for La Fédération des Clubs de Motoneigistes du Québec

Today we are highlighting this lesser-known trail in Ottawa which offers 4 season recreation and stunning views of country landscapes. 

What's the trail like? 

The trail was built along old railway lines where trains used to travel. This means that the trail is flat, straight, and well maintained. The trail is about as wide as one lane on the highway. This gives ample space for biking, walking, and more. 

The trail is covered in fine gravel (pictured above) which offers a low-impact option for runners. The fine grave also makes for a smooth bike ride for all bikes and skill levels.

There are gates at every road entrance to the trail which prevents large vehicles from accessing the trail.  The gates also offer distance markers so you will know how far you have traveled. 

What type of landscape will you see along the trail? 

The trail moves through several different areas of Ottawa and surrounding areas. On the far east end of the trail, you will be traveling through farmland and rural neighbourhoods. You can expect to see farmer's fields complete with horses, cows, and other local animals. Bring your camera for some great nature photography shots. 

As you move toward Mer Bleue you will see some marshy areas including a beaver pond that is full of ducks and other natural wildlife. You will also see the Mer Bleue Golf Course. 

Further down the trail, you will find Bradley Estates and some of the beautiful large homes on one side. On the other side of the trail, you will see the natural landscape of the Greenbelt. At all times on this trail, you will be surrounded by trees and the quiet rustling of leaves. 

What wildlife can you find along the trail? 

Some animals you can expect to see along the trail include horses, cows, squirrels, chipmunks, turtles, ducks, beavers, and a vast variety of birds. 

Pack your camera and be ready to enjoy all of the incredible nature that this area has to offer.

How can you use the trail in the summer? 

In the summer this trail is the perfect location to walk your dog, ride a bike or take a stroll. The flat ground makes for an easy walk and the quiet surroundings ensure a peaceful experience. 

Bikers and runners can enjoy the long stretches of the uninterrupted trail which allow for great exercise and the ability to go fast without having to navigate city traffic. Horseback riders are also permitted to use the trail and there are several Horseback riding centres along the trail that make good use of this space. 

Whatever your style, this trail is perfect for recreation and exercise in the summer. 

Is the trail open in the winter? 

Although in winter that trail is a little less quiet,  it is still open. The trail is a great spot for cross-country skiers to exercise along flat stretches. This is also still the perfect spot for walking your dog and seeing the winter wonderland that is rural Ottawa. 

The trail is however less quiet in the winter due to snowmobilers. If you have your snowmobile this is great news as it allows for a clean stretch of trail to enjoy. The snowmobiles are also excellent for grooming the trail so everyone can use it. 

How do you access the trail? 

There are several access points along the trail where it intersects with roads. You can find a map of the trail here. There are parking lots at Anderson, Smith, and Dunning but you can find street parking at any road which intersects with the trail. This trail is in a prime location for residents of Navan, Sarsfield, Chapel Hill South, or Bradley Estates. It is also a short drive from Orleans, Avalon, Rockland, and Gloucester. 

Enjoy your trail! 

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