Is The City You Live In Exciting?

Is the CITY you LIVE in EXCITING?....
..... even on a rainy fall night! 
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate team. 
We've just secured another condominium for one of our clients down in Lansdowne Park. 
They are so excited. They're coming from almost like an adult lifestyle bungalow in the suburbs, and they decided to move down to the Glebe down along the canal to really live.
It's so exciting to be a part of their adventure. 
They realize that they're not that old and the kids maybe have moved on, but life's just beginning. 
We're down at Lansdowne Park tonight, and we're just doing a final walkthrough with them. 
But even on a rainy night, ✨ Landsdowne is exciting.
There are restaurants, there's the theatre, there's recreational sports or sports teams, hockey, and there's the market there are people running and jogging along the canal.
 Even on a rainy night in the late part of  October, it is such an exciting city. 
What a great lifestyle to live in.
If you're interested in making a move or want to talk about coming to see Ottawa or visiting Ottawa, making a move downtown in Ottawa....
It's a very affordable city. It's very safe and attractive. 
Lots of nightlife, even on a Monday. This is Tuesday. I know, but we were here last night and the restaurants were full! 
Come on, down! 
Experience what Ottawa has to offer, see what this city is all about. 
And I could tell you, it is ALIVE.
 The city of Ottawa you'll want to live here. 
I hope to see you soon. Take care! ❤️

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