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If you're gonna do something, do it right. My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team.  When it comes to open houses, it's not the quantity of open houses that you have in a listing. It's the quality of the open house.  What am I talking about? I'm talking about hosting an event making it a spectacular feeling that there's excitement, that there's energy, that you have something exciting to show your buyers and your fans.  We did an open house this weekend, we had a line up through the door, the weather was miserable. It was late October, and winter is on the cusp. And the market here is somewhat subtle, and we created a lot of excitement. We hosted the event, we had gift bags for everyone that came. We made real good contacts with the buyers. We even had a buyer measuring to see if the car fit in the crash. There was excitement, and everybody felt it. All the buyers felt it. It was a wonderful event.  We have great feedback, hope to sell that this week, but that's the kind of energy and the kind of exposure and the kind of excitement that you need today in today's market. We create excitement, we create exposure, mass exposure, and we create buyer interest. We engage in buyers emotions. We bring that to our listings. We have another listing. We just took over from another agent. They were on the market for months. They received one low ball offer. They weren't impressed. We've been on the market for just seven days. Now, we have three offers this afternoon, and all we did was tweak the little things, the little touches. That's what we do. We're professionals in the business of real estate in Ottawa, and we know how to change the environment to bring excitement, to create a magical event that engages buyers emotions.  My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates and the Hamre Real Estate Team. If we can be of assistance to you, please reach out to us. I'd love to tell your story. Hope to see you soon. Take care. Thank you. 



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