Ottawa Luxury Real Estate Market is Growing Fast

The luxury market in the city of Ottawa is the fastest growing price point! 
Today I'm in the community of Beacon Hill - within the inner Greenbelt of Ottawa.
We just sold this beautiful home for our clients.
They are so excited to be able to call this community home, but to also call Ottawa home, since they're moving from out of the province.
We won with a pre-emptive offer, which means that we put in an offer before set offer date.
We were strategic. We were competitive and we were quick. Timing was key. Communication was key. There was clarity and consistency with our communication with myself, with my clients and the listing agent. 
 The home itself is fantastic! Nicely upgraded four bedrooms, lots of sunshine coming in (when it is sunny outside).
The community has lots of mature trees, ski paths, bike trails, walking trails, which is something my clients were specifically looking for. 
We were able to make that happen for them.
We were able to win because the Hamre Team actively participates in this luxury price point market. Which again is the fastest growing price point within the city here. 
If you're looking to make a lifestyle change, if we can help you move, or if you want a market update, please give us a call or you can visit our website.If you're not already following our social media pages, you definitely should - You'll. I see lots of updates of what's going on as well coming soon listings before they hit the market.
So definitely exciting things happening here within the city. 
If I can help make your dreams a reality, it would be my pleasure!
Have a wonderful day 


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