Ottawa is on the move

Ottawa - it is on the move! Let me tell you the real estate market here is very healthy. 

We are seeing more listings coming on every day, the same kind of volume that you'd see in the months of. April, May, and June in the spring market. Traditionally, we're seeing that in the fourth quarter, in the fall. You can, as you can see the colours behind me! 

Listings are coming on the market every day, we are seeing sales at the asking price $25,000 over $50,000 over, $100,000 over... houses are selling at very humbling price points. 

I've got a short story to share with you today. It's our third listing presentation today where we're coming in to take over the listing from another brokerage.

In a time where houses are selling, why would someone change to another brokerage or why would a listing not sell? When we come in and do these presentations are like, wow! And these people have interviewed some pretty savvy realtors. 

Then we come in and they go, wow, you guys have a, have a plan, a strategy, and you listen to me and I like your approach. Then we take that - their listing to the next level.

We're just doing a coming soon tonight, on Blair road. Right across from the great park and recreation area, close to the new LRT that's in motion and close to CISC and really great proximity, some great eateries and stuff.

This listing will be coming on later this week. We'll get our photographer there. We'll shoot our storytelling video and make sure the house looks fabulous, but it's the approach. It's attention to detail and it's being on the ball and showing commitment and communication to your client.

That's what you need in today's market! There was no excuse for a home not selling. 

We just want to make sure your house sells! The nice part about this time of year is all these houses that are selling, they'll be into a new home before Christmas because the fourth quarter closings are 15, 30, 60 days. You want to be in before Thanksgiving, You want to be in before Christmas, before the snow flies and we can make that happen.

If you want to talk about the latest real estate market, what's happening, what we foresee in the near future, please reach out to us. If you'd like a market update, I'm here to help you.

My direct number is (613) 841-2111. Again, down on Blair road in the now the city's inner Greenbelt, so beautiful surroundings and really proud to call Ottawa our home city.

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