Ottawa Homebuyer Experience

I want to share with you today, an exciting buying experience that happened last night here in Ottawa!?

Before I tell you this story, I just want to say that the Ottawa real estate market has not cooled down. It's still so hot!?

Multiple offers are still happening - some even 10 plus offers. It's so important to work with a professional who's in the business, who knows the market and just like us at the Hamre real estate Team, this isn't a hobby for us

☝️We negotiate about every night and a half - we really know how to strategize and have a game plan for our clients to win that offer and get them their dream home.

We did see a bit of influx in inventory within the last 30 days, but that's starting to cool down again. So that strategy is key, so is timeliness...I'll get into that with my story. 

First I want to congratulate my first-time-homebuyer-clients, Madison, and Warren who purchased this lovely townhome in Riverside South.

Maddie's from Ottawa, Warren was not. They both went to school together, decided to come back here and that was for lifestyle, job opportunity and the overall charm that Ottawa has, which are some of the reasons why I love living here in Ottawa too. 

Now onto the story! Warren and Maddie, first time home buyers, they had seen a few homes now and this style of home, in particular, this layout of this townhome was something that they really loved.?

We had just talked about it the night before, and they had said "if anything else comes up like this and this style, in this neighborhood, we want to jump on it", and some things are just meant to be.

That next morning, they got through the personal buyer portal a notification that this townhome had just come on the market. Also, with me getting the notifications and I texted them right away to make see if they could see it that day, which they were able to. So we went to see it at lunchtime.

This house was originally taking offers this weekend but what we did, because they loved it so much and we didn't want to miss this opportunity. We put in an offer, a good offer to get the attention of the seller and the listing agent. Part of this offer was a personalized video, and this is what really helped with the negotiation and really helped bring our offer to that next step.

Fast forward throughout the day yesterday. They decide to work with our offer and offer presentations are now in the evening instead of being on the weekend with multiple offers. fast forward again, there are no multiple offers and we're able to win this offer and get this home for them!!! 

I also just want to mention that there was a home on the street that sold last week at about $15,000 more - the finishes weren't as nice, an unfinished basement, so it needed more work. Even though we put in a preemptive offer, they still saved money at the end of the day! Without having to compete with what could've been eight-plus offers.

They were so excited and thrilled with our strategy winning strategy!

The Hamre Team was able to Inspire Dreams of our clients.

If you want me to help you inspire your dreams with this real estate market or have any questions about the real estate market, want to chat, you can send me a message, or text/call 613-868-3551.

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