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🔔Today, we'll be discussing how to successfully stage your home for quick sale.

😀 First and foremost, declutter and depersonalize your home.

So this means 🛋 removing excess items and personal touches to help potential buyers envision 💡themselves living in the space next, 📦 clean and organize the home.

🚰So this includes deep cleaning and making sure that everything is in place!

😎NEXT make any necessary repairs or updates.

🔨So this can include fixing any broken items or updating outdated fixtures, then add some flair with staging.

This includes adding colorful throw pillows, 🌷fresh flowers, and other decorative items to make the home feel welcoming and inviting.

⚡Finally consider hiring the Hamre Real Estate Team

⭐We can offer valuable insights and guidance on how to best present your home to potential buyers.

Hamre Real Estate Team has a professional 🌹 staging team ready to stage your home.

📶 By following these tips, you can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and increase the chances of a quick sale.

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What exactly is home staging? Should you stage your home before listing on the Ottawa real estate market? How does staging affect the marketability and sale of your home? This blog will answer those questions and break down exactly how staging works and why it is so important. If you are thinking of selling your home in the Ottawa real estate market, you need to read on! 

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is the preparation of a home for sale in the real estate market. The goal of home staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. The goal is to sell a property more swiftly and for more money. The Hamre Real Estate Team RE/MAX Affiliates use the best professional stagers in Ottawa. Home stagers are professionals who understand interior design and the latest trends to create spaces that would appeal to potential buyers.

How Does Home Staging Work?

In most cases, home staging involves a professional home stager coming in and working their magic. This is accomplished by moving or in some cases removing furniture, wall art, small appliances, or other things around the house to maximize flow and appeal. The professional Ottawa home stager will come in take a look around and assess the environment. They will then start working on moving items around.

Some quick and easy things that they may do is remove appliances from countertops this could mean putting your trusty air fryer in a cabinet for a while. Other quick fixes could be placing some fruit in a bowl for interior photos to be taken or repositioning wall art. Decluttering is a big part of the process and can be accomplished ahead of time in part by sellers.

Stagers will work to create flow and limit dead spaces in the home. This could mean setting up an office space in an unused loft area. You do not want to waste any of your square footage. You want every room to have a defined purpose. That way buyers can say "This is where I will watch TV", "This is where I will host family dinners", etc... You want them to start placing themselves in the home in their mind which will begin to create a connection to the property and trigger them to put in an offer and ultimately buy the property.

Do Home Stagers Bring in Furniture Or Use Mine?

Most commonly home stagers will use the current pieces of furniture and decor that you already have in your home. They may remove certain items to declutter or depersonalize but for the most part, it will be a matter of reorganization and optimization.

In certain circumstances, home stagers will have an inventory of items that you could rent to use in your home for the duration of the home selling process or for use during the interior photography of your home. This could include furniture and decor. This is a more expensive option that is not always necessary.

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